This is a piece for a powdered juice brand called BC, featuring heart-broken juicers trying to let go of the past.

Stepping away from cartoon style and going towards realistic movements and physics, the final product resembles marionettes instead of toon CGI characters, which is exactly the look and feel the animation director was aiming for.

The main challenge I faced in this project was to find the way to show expressions and body language in these not-so-anthropomorphized characters modeled after real juicers, and at the same time adding the shakes and imperfections you find when watching puppets or marionettes performances in real life.

From my role as an animator, I can say that when facing new animation styles it’s vital to watch references, to observe, to find the little things that make that style what it is and turn its limitations into opportunities. For example, I found that I could turn the wiggling and shaking of the top piece of the juicers into a singing vibrato movement for an extra touch of humor and intensity. Details like that are the ones that subtly boost your characters’ appeal and charm.


Studio credits: Reino Buenos Aires