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Condorito, The Movie

“Condorito, The Movie” is a 3D Animated feature-length film to be released in October 2017, based on a very popular character from a Latin American comic strip.


The 11 Second Club – April

The 11 Second Club is a website directed to the animation community. Each month it provides an audio segment with a duration of (you guessed) 11 seconds

Lysol - Witness Protection

Lysol – Witness Protection

Witness Protection is a commercial for the brand Lysol, featuring a regretful bacteria.

BC - exprimidores

BC – Exprimidores

This is a piece for a powdered juice brand called BC, featuring heart-broken juicers trying to let go of the past.



Kiribati is a feature-length 3D animated movie to be released in 2016. It has been by far the most extensive and fun project I’ve been involved in.

Labor Day

Labor Day

An old piece I still wanted to upload because of how much fun we had doing it.


Los Lucchettinis

The Lucchettinis are characters that have been in Argentinian TV commercials for years now.