Kiribati is a feature-length 3D animated movie to be released in 2016. It has been by far the most extensive and fun project I’ve been involved in.

I was in charge of fully animating several shots, from blocking to finishing details, and working with various characters including the main cast.

I also was involved in an early researching/experimentation process to define the style and feel of the animation to be used in the whole movie. This has been a really enriching experience for me, in which I learned how to develop a consistent style for a large production, how to adjust to a budget and a schedule, and how to turn limitations into strengths.

The animation stage took about 18 months, all of it using Blender, with a 36 sec/month quota. What I’m featuring here is a reel showcasing some of the shots I was in charge of.

Be sure to check for more info about the film.